As with the N1MM diary in our KV races?

First, let's say why N1MM. Most competitors use the Atalanta Locator, a few SD and a paper diary. N1MM is a top freeware contest diary with lots of features and huge variability. The functions of the TCVR are taken over by a computer, two bandmaps, freely definable database of ox data, caller, …. We are constantly working to improve it and an update is available practically every few weeks. It is a significant plus, that all races, HF and VHF, our and the world, we will include only one program.

Because N1MM does not support our KV races, such as the SSB League or OM Activity Contest, you need to improvise a bit, but after almost a year of experience with this diary, I can say, that it pays off.
Note: The TR Log and UCX Log logs provide you with the same service, plus no complicated configuration. You can find the configuration files for the log at

After installing the N1MM log, you need to enter personal data to configure the log according to your ideas. I recommend using TCVR control and audio cable connection. It will probably take the most time to select the windows and set the positions and sizes. The internet is a very good tool, where it can be inspired by multiple window arrangements. The layout of the windows according to the picture worked for me:

N1MM screenshot

In the left part you can see two bandmaps - for VFO A and VFO B. The middle part is occupied by the window of control and help of markers, two data entry windows and a small Telner / Packet window. To the right is a window of possible multipliers (unusable for our KV races), a statistical and information window and, of course, a diary window. The score window is freely placeable.

N1MM configuration for OM Activity Contest

N1MM configuration for OM Activity Contest

We will use a predefined type of race - DXSERIAL. Select to create a new log in your database and set the Log Type to DX SERIAL. On the Contest tab, set additional data according to you and the Sent Exchange item to 001.

To use the help, for example, operator names, download database, which I have compiled .: YOUR :. and save the file to a folder, in which you have the N1MM log installed. Then select File - Import - Import Call History from the menu and scroll to the file. Try entering a known tag and tap the space bar or tab, e.g.. "KURT POP" is displayed on OM8AA. and until, according to one of them, a decision is reached, make sure you have Call History Lookup selected in the Config menu. In this menu, check Show non-workable spots. And the Activity Contest can begin.

When logging in, you can see the layout of stations in the bandmaps. After entering at least three brand characters, you can check whether you have already worked with the station or not. The help informs about the name and district code of the station. Of course, the program counts the number of connections, however, he does not know the multipliers. You can cross them out on paper.

The automatic prompt dispenser configuration hides one catch. He's in it, that the prompt file must be stored in an 8-bit WAV file, most programs save the record in 16-bit format by default. N1MM will lose it, but with distortion and cracks. I recommend using TCVR keying via TCVR control, so you only need a simple audio cable. To define your N1MM file, right-click on the F1 button in the VFO window and browse your file from the disk.. Don't forget to set the levels correctly, to make the modulation as accurate as possible.


N1MM configuration for SSB League

N1MM configuration for SSB League

We will use for logging related type of race, in which we adjust the control of districts according to our. I chose QSO PARTY, subtype 7QP (you will probably never use the original race). V menu Config – Change Exchange Abbrevations vyberte Chage QSO Party Abbrevations. Enter our districts in the columns and click OK. Done.

In such a configuration, everything works except the correct score calculation. However, just divide the displayed score by a number 2 and you get the right result. Be careful not to enter the district emblem. The wrong program will not run. So you can fix the connection later, you must log it. So enter the existing one and log the connection - even if with an error.


N1MM configuration for other OK / OM races

Of course, it is also possible. For example, for an SNP race, it is possible to use the DXSERIAL race type and enter a part of the code in the Comment field when entering data.. The same configuration will also serve well for OM SSB races.

A couple like to N1MM

  • upgrade regularly, not only a diary, but also other files, e.g.. The CQ World Wide WPX Contest is a worldwide amateur radio race, brand databases
  • link the TCVR control to the logbook
  • make audio cables, so you can use the challenge dispenser
  • use keyboard shortcuts, e.g.. the most used is definitely TAB (or space bar), SHIFT+TAB (about the field back), CTRL+D (delete connection)
  • train the N1MM controls before the race, see manual - at least parts, which might be of interest to you
  • I recommend exporting the log immediately after the race and loading it into your main station log. N1MM is mainly a contest diary!

You can address my questions about N1MM by email or skype. I wish you many successful contrests with this newspaper!

You can download N1MM from the site

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