Bulletin ČRK – november 2022

Recently, we have observed an increase in all expenses, and the ČRK membership fee is unfortunately not an exception. The ČRK bulletin explains why this is so and how such a contribution is used. O Youngsters On The Air 2022 reported by Alžbeta OM1DP and Pavel OK1VEI o Flora & Fauna of the YUFF expedition 2022. It's starting to get lively again on the bands, so here you will also find a longer list of upcoming DX expeditions and stations, which are on radio amateur bands these days and there is also a calendar of contests. An extensive part of the ČRK Bulletin is created by HAMÍKůV KOUTEK. You can download the November ČRK Bulletin from https://www.crk.cz/FILES/BULL10_11_2022C.PDF

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