Consideration of the draft Permit Conditions

An amateur service is understood as a radio communication service for the purpose of self-education…., this is how all Permit conditions, including the current one, begin proposal. Indeed?

Overview of connections since 2016 do 2021
Overview of connections since 2016 do 2021

The current DX operation is dominated by the FT8 mode (according to Clublog statistics, about 67% QSO is in this mode). In automatic mode, the computer makes the connections for you. You can easily leave the station somewhere in the corner and in the evening you will see what stations have been added to the log. As long as the propagation conditions are good, 100W is enough to connect all over the world.

So it is illusory, that "N class operator, who wishes to carry out tests of the special professional competence of an operator of Class E amateur stations must have completed at least 500 connection…". He didn't have to make a single connection, all done by computer.

Let's ask ourselves a question - what kind of self-education is this? Brings operator skill? Technical?

Well, now let's ask ourselves a question - won't a Class N radio amateur ask himself?: "Why try for Extra, 100W is enough for me all over the world, the class won't bring me new bands or any super benefits".

On the other hand, there is no definition of the number of power elements of the transmitter in the proposal. Why? The advantages and disadvantages of multibeaming are known. In the Czech Republic, decree no. 156/2005 mentioned: "Performances specified in paragraphs 2 a 3 they must not be exceeded in the sum of the powers of individual broadcasting devices during their simultaneous operation on one frequency and modulated from one source."

The minutes of the meetings are presided over by the SZR
The minutes of the meetings are presided over by the SZR (spring:

According to a report on, the Slovak Association of Radio Amateurs (SZR) submitted his proposal already in 2014. It wouldn't be fair, to document, which concerns all radio amateurs had the opportunity to express themselves? It is not even in the resolution of the SZR congress (2014) a (2018), however, you can find it in the reports from the SZR presidium meeting Although the last one is from the year 2018, but if you go through older, you can find mentions of work on the Permitting Conditions. It is up to the members of the SZR, to express their agreement or disagreement with the way the SZR Presidium acts.

I consider the new draft of the Permit Conditions to be incorrect and I do not agree with it.

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7 days before

Na druhú stranu je zase pre mňa ako Nkára ktorý robí výhradne SSB pribudnutie 20 so you won't have to list this 40 m pásma veľmi prínosné. A nový povoľovacie podmienky len prispejú k môjmu zdokonalovaniu a sebavzdelávaniu.

Answer to om0aao
2 days before

nebude. morseovku uz nikto z mladych nevie, ako CW vykape zacina vykapavat aj SSB. Aby udrzali dotacie zo statu tak rozdaju koncesie CBckarom a PMRkarom

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