Ebay purchase VAT and customs


Changes, The introduction of the obligation to pay VAT and, where appropriate, customs duties on the purchase of goods from outside the EU has affected many shoppers, including radio amateurs.. In addition to increasing the price of even small orders, this meant a significant complication in the form of the need to address the surcharge of VAT or customs duties either on its own or through the carrier - which again increased the price and extended the delivery date.

One of the sales intermediaries, who responded, is eBay. An amateur radio can buy parts here, electronic kits, measuring instruments but also mechanical parts or complete radios and antennas. This portal has introduced a novelty. Purchase, which would be subject to a VAT surcharge is increased by VAT at the time of purchase, and eBay will take care of the VAT payment. This way you would receive the package directly to you without time and administrative delay. This applies to goods up to 150 €. If the amount is higher, the VAT and customs solution will be up to you again. More on https://pages.ebay.com/vat-eu/

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