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    Good morning , Does anyone have experience with HA1YA transverters? ? I am thinking about buying a 2m band 50w , so I'm asking about experience .. or some alternatives ? thank you for reading

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    I do not remember, that someone in OM HA1YA would use the transverter. OM2Y (OM2IB a OM2KI) they use a crystal gate from HA1YA.

    It would certainly like to take that into account as well, what device it will be connected to, see:

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    blankGrow OM3BH

    There are several of them in OM. At one time, someone asked on the VKV forum and someone confessed, that he uses any of the XVTR HA1YA. I personally visited Gabi's 1YA at the stand in FHN, when we took XVTR to Slovakia. One year it was the taller version and last year it was the simpler version. Try contacting Peter OM0WR.

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    blankGrow OM3BH

    5.4.2018 writes on VKV forum OM6DC , that he uses a transverter from HA1YA and supposedly the second one is at OM4DP on the table with IF 28MHz.

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    blankThomas OK1IC

    Hello to everybody,

    we have a HA1YA ME2HT-PRO2 transverter (144MHz 50W) about 4 years with a better oscillator and max. satisfaction, there was a bit of a problem with the DC, when the pressed contacts on the DC switch were heated, I ended up replacing that and nothing else. If a power of around 20-30W is taken from it for SSPA excitation, no problem. We use MF filters of our own design.

    73! Thomas OK1IC


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    A1 MMC 2022 we graduated as OM6A with this x-verter.

    73 the Joseph OM6AM

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    Thank you all for the answers , I ordered the given transverter in the 50w version and I am looking forward to a QSO in the 2m band , good luck to everyone

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