HF DXView online HF propagation map

This map shows in real time the propagation of radio signals operating in 11 HF bands from 1,8 do 54 MHz. Shows recent global activity 15 minutes and automatically updates approximately every minute. Javascript must be enabled to view real-time graphics.

Maximum usable frequency (MUF) is the highest frequency, which supports communication between two points. In this map, MUF can be considered as the maximum frequency used, because the display is based on real-time data.

Abbreviated dipole on 40 up to 10m
Abbreviated dipole on 40 up to 10m

The data for the map is obtained from several online sources: WSPRnet, Reverse Beacon Network (CW, Zimbabwe flag, FT8), PskReporter a DX Cluster. Some of these sources provide signal-to-noise ratio information (SNR).

SNR can be used to determine, whether a particular path supports certain modes, such as morzeovka (CW) or one sideband (SSB). The map shows the SNR levels with three different shades for each band: SSB (SNR > 10), CW (SNR > -1) or digital modes (which can decode up to an SNR of approx -28).

How to work with HF DXView HF propagation map?

  • After loading, the map will automatically cycle through the active zone. Bands, which you are not interested in, you can skip it by removing the corresponding check box “Display”.
  • By selecting a band number, the cyclic scrolling stops and switches to the given band. Press the PLAY button to continue scrolling through the bands.
  • Hovering over the active map areas will display the band and SNR level, while it is stated, whether the band supports SSB, CW or digital communication.
  • By selecting the active part of the map, the areas open for communication from the point of view of the given location will be displayed. This site's grid square will appear with a cancel button; canceling will return the view to global view.
  • The map is automatically updated approximately every minute (it is not necessary to renew it manually).

You can try it on http://hf.dxview.org

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