Meeting of radio amateurs Drozdovo 2023

On 15. April 2023 will take place in the pension Drozdovo in Nová Bani 21. annual meeting of radio amateurs. The program starts at 8:00 o'clock in the morning and will last until the afternoon. Refreshments will be provided during the meeting and for those, who want to stay the night, it is possible to arrange accommodation in a boarding house from Friday to Saturday. In addition, the meeting will also include a stock exchange in the neighboring premises of the guesthouse, and sellers of amateur radio equipment and components are also invited.

HAM meeting space in Drozdov
HAM meeting space in Drozdov

For physically fit participants, it is possible to climb Veľký Inovec as part of the meeting, which is located approx 40 minutes on foot from the guesthouse. Arrival to the place by car is possible from Nová Bana in the direction of Veľká Lehota. Before this village, it is necessary to turn left and turn left 2 kilometers you will arrive at the place. Another possibility to arrive by car is from the villages of Zlaté Moravce or Skýcov via Machulince and Obyce towards Veľká Lehota. After this village you have to turn right and left 2 kilometers you are on the spot. Parking at the guesthouse is free and has sufficient capacity.

The meeting will be hosted by Karovia OM5NS and OM5KP, who look forward to your participation. Do not forget to participate in the exchange of opinions and experiences with radio amateurs and enjoy a pleasant day in the beautiful nature of Nova Bana.

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