What is Morserino-32?

Morseino-32 is a multifunctional device for telegraphy (key holder, coach, decoder, even transmitter etc.). It is ideal for learning and practicing Morse code, useful for everyone from the beginner to the high-speed professional.

It's a kit, but easy to build, even for novice builders, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Comes with capacitive touch paddles, but also supports external paddles and external direct key.

All documentation and software are publicly available and can be downloaded from here:

Contents of the Morserino-32 kit

  • printed circuit board with SMD components already on the board
  • of classic components with wire terminals, which you solder yourself
  • modul Heltec (contains a processor, OLED display, WiFi and LoRa modules etc.)
  • all necessary cables including antenna cable
  • a pair of capacitive touch paddles
  • all components of a simple acrylic case including necessary hardware
  • antenna 433 MHz (pre LoRa)
  • detailed assembly instructions (and user manual) available for download
  • the only exception is the LiPo battery due to shipping complications. The battery must be purchased locally, but it must be powered by a USB charger with a microUSB connector

Extending Morserino-32 functions using PC software

You can expand the functionality of Morserina-32 with additional PC software, provided by third parties:

  • Training software for Morserino-32, executable in the browser (any OS), author: Christof, OE6CHD (runs in Opera browsers, Chrome a Edge, not in Firefox or Safari)
  • CW Trainer pre Morserino od Enza, IW7DMH
  • Phrase trainer for Morserino by Tommy, OZ1THC

Next “extensions”

  • Morserino Chat Server: using the WiFi transmitter mode you can converse in Morse code with other Morserin users around the world (see the video below).
  • QSO Bot by John, M0STQ – see

Morseino-32 videos

dB and dynamic range at a distance, information and ordering Morseino-32

More information about Morseino-32 can be found at

The Morseino-32 kit can be ordered via while the current price is 91 €.

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