Lighthouse OE3XTR in Austria

For income testing, comparison of antennas, rotator setting, propagation conditions are detected - some signal source is suitable for this. VKV beacons help radio amateurs with this. There are many such lighthouses, and one of them is the Austrian beacon OE3XTR.

It broadcasts from the HoheWand JN87AT site at altitude 940 meters to 2 elemental 144MHz LFA-Q antenna on the frequency 144,479 MHz CW power 5 watts. The antenna points to the east (Budapest), but the lighthouse can also be caught in our country.

OE3XTR beacon reception

This is how it was received by Paľo OM3TIX during experiments with a preamplifier

OE3XTR reception in JN95SS

OE3XTR reception in JN95CI

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