OK expedition Serbia 2022

Martin OK1MDX, Mates OK4MD, Martin OK1MDR, Arianna OK1ARI, Without a subton, its sensitivity is about OK1MAR, Pavel OK1VEI and Dan (without concession) went on a radio amateur expedition to Serbia in 25.9. – 8.10.2022. Although Serbia is not a typical destination for radio amateur expeditions, but a nice connection in the motherland with YU stations /P YUFF and maybe SOTA will certainly please. They are equipped with Icom IC-7200 transceivers, Icom IC-7100, Yaesu Ten-Tec Receipt, Xiegu X6100, Discovery TX-500. Now, 26.9.2022 16:11 is QRV station YU/OK1ARI/P on 14.256 MHz (YUFF-0127).

Serbia is slightly larger in area than the Czech Republic, but has fewer inhabitants, so it is less densely populated than the Czech Republic. The highest point of Serbia, Midjur, it's about 600 meters higher than the Czech Sněžka. It is by road from Prague to the capital of Serbia, Belgrade 900 kilometers and the shortest route leads through Slovakia and Hungary – you will spend the least on the road 10 hours. Serbia is a country full of beautiful mountains and hospitable people.

Current information and source https://srbsko.svysilackou.cz/

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