OL Party 2022 – overall results

Pavel OK1DIX processed the overall results of the OL Party 2022. OL Party will not remind younger concessionaires, what it meant to get the OL brand. Pavel begins the story: “In the past, it was possible to obtain a full OK concession from 18 years. Fortunately, since 1963 approximately within a year 1990 there was a possibility to apply for a special permit for young people (15 to 19 years) and with a bit of luck get it, t. j. get a brand starting with OL, followed by the number from 0 do 9 by region and a three-letter suffix. The allowed bands were 160m (CW only of course), 2m and 70 cm with power up to 10 W. It was an indisputable advantage, that when 2 OL stations met in the zone, it was clear to both, that their counterpart is someone their age with the same interests, and friendships were made all the easier. To remember the times, when we had a lot of fun broadcasting and meeting each other, we decided to organize an OL Party for all former OLs and other HAMs, who have a positive attitude towards OL, TOP group or entertainment.”

And this is how radio amateurs meet again every year on the bands, who experienced the days of OL brands, during the OL Party. On http://ok1dx.cz/olparty/olp22vysl.html you can view the results of the previous year.

TNX za info Pavlovi OK1DX ex OL3AXS

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