PR0T Trinidad

You're getting short, only a three-day expedition PR0T na ostrov Trinidade, IOTA ON – 010. The team will remain in place during the Brazilian Navy crew changeover, which is located on the island. Estimated time of operation is 16.-19.November 2023, but the date can change at any time. There will be QRV only in 40m bands – 10 m CW/SSB a FT8.

At the main CW/SSB site, PR0Ts will use a transceiver Elecraft K3 with the Expert 1.3K-FA-SPE final stage and multiband vertical antennas. The second workstation for FT8 will be an Icom IC-7300 with remote connection via Starlink. MSHV software will be used for FT8.

The last operation from the island of Trinidad was in 2015 to the PQ0T mark:

Trinidad Island

The island of Trinidad lies in the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to Brazil. This mysterious island is part of the Trinidade and Martim Vaz archipelago, located approx 1200 km west of the coast of Brazil. With an area of ​​just over 10 km² offers Trinidad impressive natural beauty and richness.

With its volcanic past and unique geology, the island is a fascinating place for scientists and adventurers alike.. Its coast consists of high cliffs and rock formations, which offer a refuge for many birds and marine animals. Beneath the surface of the ocean lies an amazing underwater world with coral reefs and diverse species of sea creatures.

In addition to its natural beauty, the island is historically known as the site of various maritime events and discoveries. It was discovered in 1502 and experienced a number of sea accidents. Its location was also crucial during the Second World War, when it served as an important point for strategic allied activities.

Today, Trinidad is a protected area, where access is restricted. Despite its limitations, its natural value is admirable and attracts students, scientists and adventurers, who wish to discover its secrets and protected fauna and flora. Trinidade Island remains a hidden treasure, which retains its wild and unspoiled beauty due to its remoteness and limited access.


Charles Wilmott (M0OXO) will be PR0T's QSL Manager. OQRS will be available shortly after leaving the island.

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