Why a radio amateur should go to the Cosmos Discovery exhibition?

The study of the ether is similar to the study of space and at many points it overlaps. The propagation of radio waves is significantly influenced by events in space (primarily by solar activity). It was just a radio signal, so-called. "beep", which in the year 1957 fascinated many people all over the world. The origin of the signal was Sputnik, the first artificial satellite of the Earth. Visitors can also see it at the Cosmos Discovery exhibition. But let's get things right.

Cosmos Discovery in Bratislava's Incheba until July 2 2023

Due to great interest, the exhibition was extended again and will last until 02. July 2023. Opening hours of the exhibition: PO-NE 09:00-20:00, last entry by 18:00. Address: INCHEBA EXPO BRATISLAVA – HALA B2, Viennese road 3, 851 01 Bratislava

Do not drive to the exhibition

Parking is possible right in the Incheba complex, but it is charged in the amount of €6 / personal vehicle. It is more convenient to use, for example, from the main BUS station 93 direction Zochová street + transfer to BUS 80 direction Vienna road (right in front of the Incheba Expo). But you can also walk a bit from 93.

I don't go to exhibitions

It's true and I probably would have missed this exhibition too if it weren't for that, that I am a parent of a 3-year-old child, for whom it was supposed to be a present. So I just gathered some basic information and off we went.

Cena Cosmos Discovery

Adults pay on Monday - Friday 13 € , child from 6 do 14 years 8 €, students and seniors above 65 years 10 €. Prices are a little higher during the weekend. Children to 6 years have free entry (applies to children accompanied by their parents / does not apply to groups of children from kindergarten). You can find the complete price list at https://www.cosmosbratislava.sk/cennik

Let's go!

After entering the hall and paying the entrance fee, continue to the floor, where it is possible to store clothes. Incheba shows his face in the form of toilets. Then we can delve into the exhibits. Children can collect stamps in individual areas. School children are here at the time of our exhibition, so it's quite busy.

The introduction is a bit theoretical. Three-year-old and even older children did not take the texts in the first space. They have probably never heard names like Sergej Pavlovich Korolyov, Wernher von Braun. Jules Verne is a little better.

The second space is already stopping them, because there is a short film running in a loop. After all, that energy, that propels humans and space shuttles into space is better captured in motion.

And then the universe follows! A replica of Sputnik hangs above our heads and the space race unfolds before our eyes - the flight of Yuri Gagarin, Both the like and the statement of John F. Kennedy about it, that they want to land on the moon. In year 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first man, who stepped on the moon and uttered the famous phrase “That's one small step for man, but a big step for humanity." Children roll their eyes at lunar vehicles like the Lunochod - who wouldn't want to ride?

While I watch the child with one eye, the other examines the antennae. Such a folding parabola would not be bad... and we are approaching something with the letters Мир. Yes, the legendary MIR. I remember my youth, when my father and I turned our heads up and he showed me how he was flying above us. There were and are many radio amateurs among the astronauts, so amateur radio connections with them or the transmission of images from space via amateur radio are no exception.. Quite a few radio amateurs have a connection with an astronaut on board the MIR. This replica can be accessed. The exhibitors also paid attention to the imagination of the view from the window.

Visitors will certainly be interested in a large model of the Saturn rocket or the three original basic modules of the Russian Soyuz. The "Control Center in Houston" also has NASA mugs on the counters, but the projection of the flight and landing of the space shuttle is more interesting.

We proceed to the present, where other countries are also involved in space exploration, especially China. A considerable space is also dedicated to Mars... only at the end do I register the local connection of the exhibition. Names like Vladimír Remek, Ivan Bella... and my eyes fall on the cube in the showcase: skCUBE and right next to it GRBalpha. Of course, not the originals, but it's still something great.

Nine spaces, nine stamps on paper. At the end is the Cosmoscamp fun zone, which older children will enjoy. They just have to prepare, that it will put a dent in their pocketbook.

Exploring the universe is truly exciting and with each discovery our view of the universe and its mysteries changes. For me, the Cosmos Discovery exhibition was a bit of a guide to a large part of my life. If you are interested in amateur radio and space at least a little, so it's worth a look.

Exhibition page https://www.cosmosbratislava.sk

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