YouTube Channel OK1IF

Milan's OK1IF blog is certainly read by many radio amateurs. It is full of inspiring experiments. OK1IF blog However, hardly anyone noticed, that Milan also has a video channel on YouTube , to which several videos have been added in recent weeks

(tr)uSDX cast1 IMD measurements using KX3

AT 20220901 130614 part 2 two tones in the receiver

AT 20220901 130940 part 3 used attenuator

AT 20220901 131222 part 4 comparing two RX on IMD3

AT 20220901 131659 part 5 RS918 is compared to (tr)uSDX significantly better

AT 20220901 134547 part 6 a little comparison of what DR is (IMD3)

TIP: one older video about the use of the ionogram and shortwave propagation

But the other videos are also worth watching!


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