VKR plant 2021

Race Race Veteran Radio Club (VRK) club members can participate regardless of QTH, other stations only from OK / IF.

Date: always the second Sunday in March, t.j. 14.03.2021
Time: 06:00 – 08:00 UTC

Yaesu FT-897 TCVR
Yaesu FT-897 TCVR


  • 1.CW station
  • 2.SSB station
  • 3.MIX stations
  • 4.listeners MIX

Category, in which it competes, indicate each competitor on the first page of the diary. The MIX category log must contain a combination of both modes.

Performance: maximum 100 W
Recommended frequency band: 3520 – 3560 kHz pre CW 3700- 3770 kHz pre SSB
Challenge to the race: CW – CQ VRK, SSB – VRK call
Competition code: members of VRK give: RS / RST + VRK + membership number, for example: 59VRK023, other stations: RS / RST + serial number of the connection, for example: 599001
Scoring: connections to any station on both CW and SSB apply, one point is counted for each connection
Listeners: they must record the message sent and the brand of the counter station. They can only count the station once per race. Eavesdropping station one point.

TCVR Icom s N1MM logom pre CQ WW contestom
TCVR Icom s N1MM logom pre CQ WW contestom

Multipliers: connection with a member of VRK, or its interception is one multiplier, the multipliers for the connection to the CW and SSB are added.
The result: the sum of the connection points / wiretapping / x sum of multipliers. In case of equality of the number of points, the number of connections during the first ones decides 20 or 40 minutes.
Evaluation: always first 3 stations in each category will receive a diploma.
Diary: must contain a date, UTC, brands, competition codes, connection points, multiplier, overall result, a brief description of the facility and a solemn declaration.

Diary, as an attached text file, best in Cabrillo format, (do not format ADIF) send to the e-mail address by March 25: OK5VRK@seznam.cz, or by post to: Ing. Ivo Kovář, OK2BGW, Jamborova 939, 666 03 Tišnov.

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