Diplomas Veteran Radio Club

The diploma is issued for bilateral connections or interceptions 30 radio amateurs,who are members of the Veteran Radio Club of the Czech Republic.
Of the number 30 Amateur brands need to choose one, so that the name VETERAN RADIO CLUB could be compiled from their suffixes. Only one letter can be selected from the suffix of one station. The exception is the club station OK5VRK , suffix which can be used in its entirety but in the total 30 The connection with the station OK5VRK is not a condition for the award of a diploma.
Additional stickers for rest or connections with other VRK members are issued for the basic diploma of the VRK, up to the total number 60, 100, 150, 200,250 etc..
Connections or interceptions of all types of operation on HF and VHF after 1.1.1994 apply..
Attach an extract from the station diary to the application with the solemn declaration. The diploma fee is OK 50,- CZK. For foreign stations 100 CZK or 3.
Labels are issued as connections or interceptions to applicants,who already hold a basic diploma,will send SASE and an extract from the station log of other VRK members. The fee for the supplementary stamp is CZK 10 or the same value in Czech postage stamps.
Send the request to OK2BEH, Zdeněk Životský, Dogwood 1645, 666 01 Tišnov.

Sample of compiling the required title for the VRK diploma

 1.	V  - OK2VED 2.	E  - OK2WE 3.	T  - OK2LT 4.	E  - OK1DCE 5.	R  - OK2AR 6.	A  - OK1AQ 7.	N  - OK2LN  8.	R  - OK1DOR 9.	A  - OK2JA 10.	D  - OK2FD 11.	I  - OK1IG 12.	O  - OK1MO  13.	K  - OK5VRK 14.	L  - OK2LS 15.	U  - OK1UT 16.	B  - OK1YB

T.j. in sum 16 staníc.You need to add more for the diploma 14 stations of VRK members to the total number 30.
Other stickers are for 60,100,150,200,250,300,350 etc..
It is necessary to add for the VHF diploma 4 stations to the total number 20 stations.


The conditions are the same as the previous diploma, but QSOs must be only on VHF bands from 1.1.1996.The basic number of QSOs for the diploma is 20. No QSO with OK5VRK required,applies to connections of all types of operation and through converters, including Packet radio. Stickers for 50,100,150,….. The diploma manager is OK2BEH.

VRK diploma for connections with VRK members from ten countries.

The diploma can be obtained by concessionaires and listeners for connections or interceptions of VRK members from ten different countries (entity).Ie from each state at least one QSO.
It is necessary to own QSL tickets for these connections. 12 Connections with a member of the VRK also apply,who temporarily broadcasts from a country other than the guest, even in the case of ,that the Czech VRK has no members in this state. E.g.. HA / OK2WH applies as a connection with a VRK member from HA. Similarly, for OK2WH, this association with any veteran applies as an association from HA. This is because he cannot make a connection with himself.
Manager: OK2BEH,Zdeněk Životský,Dogwood 1645, 666 01 Tišnov

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