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Preposielam vám poštu od francúzskeho priateľa, je tu ďalšie pekné video z FFF–207
a oznam vysielania na 10. mája 2011 z FFF–217 v IN92OX


Hello FFF friends

The video of last FFF-207 is online:
In the pleasure to meet on the next FFF

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Hello WFF men

I’ll be on FFF-217 the 10/05/2011 at UTC 0700 +/-30mn. Locator : IN92ox

You can follow my track on APRS=F5UKL

I’ll stay on zone all day long.
Every hour I’ll call “Outside Europa” during 15mn. Please, respect this rule.
I’ll start on 40m
When the battery will be empty, i’ll leave summit and walk back to my car and start again FFF with IC-706- 100w, all bands.

QRG : 7.028 CW, 10.124 CW, 14.061 CW +/- qrm

Rig : KX1 – 4w – Inverted Vee
IC-706 – 100W – Inverted Vee

I hope we’ll meet.

Best 73/44

Andre – f5ukl