How was Drozdov

As previously announced, dna 10.12.2005 t.j. on Saturday, the first meeting of radio amateurs took place in the Drozdovo boarding house, which is found in okra- Zarnovica, between Nova Bana and the village of Velka Lehota. The indicated pension is on- walking in the height approx 700 m.n.m., so she welcomed the participants in the sunshine- it was cold, snow covered scenery. The first participants of the meeting arrived around eight in the morning, of course they included mowing – OM8AQ with a complete radio amateur family, others came during the day and evening. The meeting was opened by Laco – OM5LD, ktory za organizers – OM5KP and OM5NS welcomed everyone and at the same time invited them to the next meeting in Drozdov, which will be in October next year, this new definitive term was welcomed by the majority of participants. In the winter months it- Also in this region there is a skiing season and meetings in the pension Droz- dovo could be strongly threatened by this fact due to capacity reasons. So next time in October, when, among other things, you can come across an autumn forest here- Baky you good beetroot. When the weather is nice, there is a great opportunity for hiking here- clover, which can end up, for example, on the top of the nearby Velke Inovec in Vyske 901 m.n.m., where there is also a nice and well-known cottage for tourists. The meeting itself was characterized by non-stop debates on various topics- my, thanks to Jar OM1II, it was possible to hear qualified information about za- chrannom systeme ARES, or about a recent expedition to the island of Mauritius, with which those present were introduced by its direct participant – Jozef OM5AW. Thanks to the projection equipment brought, it was possible to see documents from other amateurs as well- events or contests, club or private. The company AWAS exhibited radio amateur equipment here, KV equipment was available during the meeting, but also the QRP device OM3TY, which could also be tried. Because during the meeting, excellent goulash was served at an unbeatable price and other goodies- you in solid or liquid state, while the serving staff was generally lazy, there was no mistake, at least according to the majority of those present. Now some numbers from the meeting: he became involved 57 of concessioned ra- dioamaters and 15 family members, together 72 participants. The possibility of accommodation from Saturday to Sunday was used 37 participants. The capacity of the guesthouse is 100 seats, 65 places for accommodation. The guesthouse has its own kitchen and a large free parking lot for 120 vehicles. Premises and facilities are on Sat- human hotel level. Therefore, Drozdovo in the future as well. For the organizers of the meeting: OM5KP Goodbye at Drozdov 2006 !!!

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