FTDX10, new KV + 6m SDR transceiver from Yaesu

Yaesu is preparing a novelty for KV + 6m, SDR TCVR FTDX10. Like the high-end FTDX101, it will use the 1.MF frequency at 9MHz and the hybrid Yaesu SDR configuration: narrowband SDR with direct sampling SDR. Narrowband SDR will have roofing filters 500 Hz, 3 kHz a 12 kHz and low noise oscillator. This will make it possible to achieve BDR 141 dB and IMD 3rd order 109 dB and more in the band 14 MHz at signal spacing only 2 kHz!

TCVR is also pre-prepared on the remote station. This type of operation requires the SCU-LAN10 option and control software. German Wimo expects it on sale from December 2020

Parametre Yaesu FTDX10

Frequency range: RX 30kHz – 75MHz (preladenie)
1.8MHz – 29.699999MHz (guaranteed parameters, amateur bands only)*
*5.1675/5.332/5.348/5.3585/5.373/5.405MHz (iba US), 5.351500-5.366500MHz (ya me)/ 5.25000-5.406500 (iba UK)
50MHz – 53.999999MHz (guaranteed parameters, amateur bands only)
70MHz – 70.499999MHz (guaranteed parameters, UK amateur bands only)

TX 1.8 – 54MHz (amateur bands only)
A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM),F1B(RTTY),G1B(prostitute)
Frequency stability: ±0.5ppm (32°F to +122°F/0℃ to +50℃, after 1 min)
Supply voltage:
DC 13.8V ±15%
superhet with double mixing
Intermediate frequencies:
1.MF: 9.005MHz
2.MF: 24kHz
HF output power:
5W – 100W (CW, LSB, USB, FM, RTTY, PKT)
5W -25W (AM)
Dimensions (š x v x h): 10.47 x 3.58 x 10.35(inches) / 266 x 91 x 263 (mm)
Weight (approx): 13lbs/ 5.9kg


TNX for info Jožko, OM1CI