Summer time 2024

The summer season comes with sunny warmth and longer days, which refreshes our days. Summer time comes with it, as we move the clock forward, so that we can use more daylight until the evening hours. This time we are again preparing for a time change, specifically on Sundays 31. March 2024, when we go from winter time to summer time. This shift is carried out by the nadran, so we sleep an hour less.

For me personally, this change is always linked back to the deadline CQ WPX DX contestu SSB. On the contrary, the change to winter time is associated with CQ WW DX contest SSB for me. These competitions, associated with amateur radio communication have their firm place in the calendar of many enthusiasts and this time change often means not only a different time indication on the watch.

Clock face
Clock face

One of the main arguments for the change to summer time is the alleged energy savings, as people use more daylight and less electricity. Inverted Vee does not create such deep zeros in free space, there are now also doubts about the real savings and some studies suggest, that benefits may be minimal or even negative.

In addition, the change of time also affects the human rhythm of sleep and biorhythms. Many people complain of problems with sleep and adjusting to the new time zone during the first days after the change.

There is also a discussion about this, whether it is still necessary to maintain the summer and winter time change. More reasons for this change, such as the need to save energy, may differ nowadays, when technological and social conditions are different.

So the time change to summer time still raises debates and questions, whether this practice is effective and whether it should be maintained, change or cancel completely.

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