MS Expedition – March 2003

In the near future, MS activity will not be very large, with the exception of FSK441 operation. Two expeditions are planned.

3B8 / ON4ANT – Mauritius, OF-049: Johan plans his activity on KV and VHF bands (2m plus 70cm) between 9. and March 22 from this beautiful island. It is an interesting dilemma how to fit into the maximum cargo – PA or antennas? We'll see, which Johan prefers in the end…

DJ8MS – What is the WRTC, JO98: Toralf DJ8MS will be QRV mainly FSK441 during the first week of March (on schedule today MS CW) from square JO98. Its broadcast will probably start on Sunday, March 2, randomly. The fourth of March would like to on 144 MHz participated in NAC. Can broadcast to 144, 432, 1296 MHz a 10 GHz. Schedules are already agreed, it is not possible to list enough.
It is a strictly portable operation from the square, from where there is not much activity. He may also hear from JO88XW during the week.
Device for 144 MHz is 2×7 the. + 150W.

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