Following expeditions OH8K

The next expedition OH8K will be held June 4-12 from the locator KP27KS, Levi hill. Squares KP08 and KP09 are also planned in front of it.

The operator team consists of Aulis OH6JW, Jukka OH8MSM, Jussi OH6ZZ and Johannes OH6HFX. Four stations will be able to be in operation:

Station Brand Frequency Mode Note
1 OH8K 144.353 FSK, random Heading south, 170 to 200 degrees, most of the time work through MWS sked list
1 OH9O 144.398 FSK, random Free routing at any time, parallel in operation with the first station
3 OH8K 144.127 JT65, EME In service, if they won't “stones”
4 OH8K 50.178 CW/SSB Prepared for Es


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