OK-OM DX CW Contest 2016

  • Date of the race: The second full weekend in November, 12.11. 2016 from 12:00 UTC do 13.11. 2016 11:59 UTC
  • Type of operation: CW
  • Bands: 1.8 to 28 MHz, outside the WARC band
  • category:
    1. One operator – all bands, power to 1500 W (SOAB HP)
    2. One operator – all bands, power to 100 W (SOAB LP)
    3. One operator – one band, power to 1500 W (SOSB HP)
    4. One operator – one band, power to 100 W (SOSB LP)
    5. One operator – QRP (power to 5 W, only all bands)
    6. Multiple operators, one transmitter (MS) – all bands, performance according to permitting conditions
    7. Audience (SWL)

The use of a DX cluster is allowed in all categories. One operator can log in to more than one category and) – e) (thus e.g.. at the same time SOAB, SO SB 20m a SO SB 80m). Pro kategorii MS: the shortest working time on one band is 10 minutes. A quick band change to obtain a new multiplier is allowed (i.e.. when establishing a connection in band A, it is possible to make a multiplier in band B and return to band A).

Establishing a QSO: OK / OL / OM establish connections only with stations outside OK / OL / OM. Stations outside OK / OL / OM only establish connections with OK / OL / OM stations. A connection to one station is valid only once on each band.

Transmitted code: OK / OL / OM: RST + district emblem (e.g. 599 BPZ). Stations outside OK / OL / OM: RST + starting serial number of the connection 001.

Multipliers: OK / OL / OM: WPX prefixes on each band separately. Stations outside OK / OL / OM: districts in each zone separately.

Body za QSO: OK / OL / OM: ME = 1 that, I treat = 3 body, EU stations: 1 that, stations outside the EU: 3 body.

Result: The total result is the product of the total number of points and the total number of multipliers.

Conditions, results and other information about the contest can be found on the website okomdx.crk.cz.

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