OM HAM of the Year 2005

While last year there was no shortage of proposals for this award - which unanimously fell to Jar OM3TA, SK, this year was an exception. The only suggestion came….

That there were not enough radio amateurs in Slovakia, who are willing to do something for others, something more? Rather, it is an assumption, that we did not find the time or energy, to design and thank them in this way as well. Damage, they certainly deserve it.

But I'm glad, that so we can appreciate man, which accurately captures the essence of it, what should be the amateur radio of the year. OM HAM-om roka 2005 it happens:

Rudolf KARABA,

Brand: OM3PC (ex OK3PC)
Participant of DX expeditions: J45PC (2002),TK / OM3PC / P (2002), J49PC (2003 – Gavdos Isl. EU187) a 3B8/OM3PC
Operator: OM3KFO, OM7M, OMxHQ
Info: one of the most successful DX men with more than 2800 DXCC band points. Member of the OM7M contest team

From my point of view, I suggest Ruda OM3PC, a radio amateur with heart and soul willing to help everyone, especially in the field of iron, and the construction of various boxes for equipment is the soul of the team of radio amateurs in Topoľčany is willing to help in any situation. an appreciation which you would greatly appreciate.

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