Meeting of radio amateurs in Drozdov 2024

Discussion of radio amateurs at the Drozdovo meeting
Discussion of radio amateurs at the Drozdovo meeting

On Saturday 13. April 2024 is already taking place 22. a meeting of radio amateurs in the Drozdovo guesthouse. Arrival from Nová Bana is possible through Veľká Lehota – po 2,5 km of new asphalt, you are in the right place. It is possible to arrive from Zlaté Moraviec via Machulince, Obyce, and the Great Lehota, where you have to turn right. The beginning of the meeting is Fr 8:00 throw., with refreshments provided. Parking and covered areas for the exchange and vendors are not charged.

It is possible to stay overnight in the pension from Friday to Saturday. The meeting includes the participation of two sellers from HG and OK and two from OM. We hope, that the April weather will be favorable and we will meet in large numbers, as before.

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