V26MN Antigua

Before and after operation VP2MMN Michael DF8AN will be working from the island of Montserrat from the island of Antigua as V26MN. Operations should begin tomorrow, 5.April and the first part will last until April 9 2023. Then Michael moves to the island of Montserrat. V26MN will ring a second time 17.-19.April.

QSL via DF8AN directly or via bureau. Address:

Michael Noertemann, CQ84AS
Neustadt 18
37154 Northeim

Antigua Island

Pale beaches on the island of Antigua
Pale beaches on the island of Antigua

Antigua is an island in the Caribbean, which enchants visitors with its paler beaches, fine sand and turquoise waters. Together with the small neighboring island of Barbuda, it forms the state of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua is known for its rich cultural traditions and history. Its capital, St. John’s, is a lively metropolis with colorful markets, historical monuments and cozy restaurants. In addition to beach activities, Antigua also offers many other experiences, including diving, snorkeling and visits to nature reserves and reefs. Local kitchens entice with their exotic flavors, while fresh seafood and local spices often dominate. Festivals and cultural events, such as Antigua Sailing Week and Carnival, they add to the unforgettable character of the island. Antigua is a place, where the beauty of nature meets a rich cultural heritage, which makes it an attractive destination for travelers from all over the world.



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