Icom TCVR at 2m and antenna antenna
Icom TCVR at 2m and antenna antenna

While stations from the western part of Slovakia enjoyed good weather during the OM VHF LOW POWER CONTEST 2008, in eastern Slovakia the situation was completely different. Nevertheless, it was the stations from the east that were not lazy, and it paid off the most for Slav OM0AS, who, after a one-year hiatus, reached the podium again. And if the weather didn't catch up with Jan OM3WZ from Kojšovská hole, the Easterners could have two representatives in the top three…
Dissemination conditions were apparently good, several stations had ODX about 700km. To however, the longest connection was made by OM3WZ with I4VOS / 4 at a distance of 895km! Overall, however, Drah OM3CQF was the most successful – perfect result, congratulations!


The order Brand Locator Valid QSO Points Deducted points Performance Antenna
1. OM3CQF JN88RT 158 40.375 -624 5 F9FT
2. And we have it over with KN09XA 48 17.059 0 10 16el.F9FT
3. OM3RLA/P JN98LB 59 16.498 -423 10 16the. F9FT
4. OM3WMA JN88RP 55 13.558 0 10 16the. F9FT
5. OM3WZ KN08LS 44 12.988 0 8 4x7el.DK7ZB
6. OM3WYB KN09RK 16 3.215 0 8 2April.
7. OM2GA JN88RT 20 3.122 0 10 7el.yagi
8. OM6JO JN99KB 16 2.714 0 5 4And we have it over with
9. OM3ZAS KN08PQ 15 2.692 0 10 4el.HB9CV
10. OM7JN JN98UH 8 417 0 2 2x7el.yagi

Corrections of the resulting point sum of stations are caused by incorrect behavior of DOS logs in the Windows XP environment. The correct result was found by recalculation.

I will stop at this matter. According to point 15.1.f of the General Conditions of VHF competitions and competitions, the station is disqualified for more than 10% miscalculated distances. Deviation in the length of individual connections is rare, but in several cases there was a discrepancy in the total sum of the connection points. The biggest deviation was -13,8%.

The tone, You can see if your diary calculates the correct result, that you log in to send the connection and verify the sum of points for the connection on the calculator.

Prize for the winner – voucher for purchase in VH Electronics Slovakia (dedicated by Vlado OM4CW). we thank you!

In the end, we want to thank all the competitors and the team, who were involved in the implementation of the OM VHF LOW POWER CONTEST 2008 helpful, especially Vlad OM4CW (place ODX SO + MO OM3TGE - glass souvenir), stations, who sent a diary for inspection and also to many stations, which were on the band on Sunday. Thank you for a wonderful time and we will look forward to another year!

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