Large expedition to St.Brandon Island 3B7C

9M0C, D68C, 3B9C… expedition, which we can call mega-successful. It's september 2007 the people behind these expeditions are going to St.Brandon, 3B7C.

The strategy is similar to previous expeditions - to allow each station to reach the rare DXCC land. It will be in operation 12 stations from 160 po 6m, taking on 80 and the 20m band should be in parallel operation on both CW and SSB. Operators will use the Yaesu FT-2000 with Quadra output stages. This is what the distribution of bands according to antenna systems looks like:

6m: 7 el Yagi Trident TA6M7LDX
10m: 6 the Yagi Force 12 EF-610
12m: 4 the Yagi Force 12 EF-412
15m: 4 the Yagi Force 12 EF-415
17m: 4el Yagi Force12 EF-417
20m: 3 el Yagi Cushcraft 203CD na SSB
20m: 3 el Yagi Trident TA20M3L na CW
20m: pair of phased verticals Trident 30m: 2 el Yagi Trident TA30M2L
30m: a pair of phased verticals
40m: Four-square with raised radials
80m: pair of Titanex V80S phased verticals on SSB 80m: pair of Titanex V80S phased verticals on CW 160m: Titanex V160S is vertical

Operation is scheduled to begin on September 7. Completion is scheduled for September 24.

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