How to renew an amateur radio license?

Photo Borovce, you can find the date until when it is valid in the permit or you can use it When the permit is about to expire, so it is necessary to apply for an extension of the permit.

Prescribed form for natural persons: .odt .docx

Prescribed form for legal entities: .odt .docx

Prescribed form for unmanned stations: .odt .docx

According to § 32 paragraph 11 of the Act on Electronic Communications "The applicant can submit an application for the extension of the validity of an individual permit no earlier than six months before the expiry of the individual permit and no later than six weeks before the expiry of the individual permit.” Proof of payment of the administrative fee in the amount must be attached to the completed form 3 euros (see data in the form).

It is necessary to attach to the completed application:

  • confirmation of payment of the administrative fee in the value 3 €
  • a photocopy of a valid permit of a natural or legal person

The administrative fee can be paid by purchasing the so-called. Receipts of the payment of the administrative fee (eKolok):

  • at Slovak Post offices
  • through the eKolok web application
  • through the eKolok mobile application (iOS aj Android)

Send the application together with the specified attachments to the address:

Office for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services

Department of frequency spectrum management

Factory 7, P.O.Box 40

828 55 Bratislava 24


WARNING: After the permit is issued, it is necessary to pay a fee for the use of frequencies in the amount 3 €. The Regulatory Office will send you instructions for its payment together with the permit. The fee must be paid within the specified period, otherwise, the Office will cancel the permit. Payment for the right to use frequencies is valid 10 years.

You can get more information from PhDr. Simona Bartíková on tel. number: 02/5788 1631.