Apache Labs Andromeda SDR transceiver

Andromeda is a combination of powerful SDR transceivera s PC na Intel i5/i7 procesore s Windows 10 a THETIS softwarom. The team creates KV + 6m 100W transceiver with front panel including precision encoder for VFO tuning knob, six more rotary knobs and 29 buttons. The front panel, of course, is dominated by a 7-inch touch screen.

The basic version comes with an Intel i5 10th Generation CPU, 8GB RAM a 128GB SSD, plus a USB hub that expands USB connectivity 3.0 x 3, 100/1000 Ethernet, HDMI. WiFi is standard.

Thetis SDR software
Thetis SDR software

What is the specialty of Apache Labs transceivers, is the use of so-called. predistortion. This principle uses a sample of the transmitted signal, which is used in feedback for software correction of the generated signal. This allows Andromed to suppress the IMD broadcast signal -66 dB at 100W power in the band 14 MHz. This value is practically incomparable with conventional signal generation.

In combination with a very pure oscillator signal -149 dBc @ 10 kHz, this TCVR could be of interest, who care about signal purity.

The price in advance is $4395 (december 2020)

Spring: https://apache-labs.com/al-products/1058/ANDROMEDA-100W-HF–6M-SDR-Transceiver.html


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