CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest 2023

The goal of the CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest for hams is to make as many connections as possible with other hams in as many CQ zones as possible, countries and QTH areas W/VE. More than 15,000 radio amateurs from all over the world take part in this competition every year, while more than 3300 of these, he submits his diaries for evaluation. Date for CQ WW RTTY DX Contest of the year 2023 is set at 23. a 24. September starting at 00:00 GMT on Saturday and at the end of 23:59 GMT on Sunday.

GRITTY - RTTY dekodér
GRITTY – RTTY dekodér

The conditions of these races are very similar to their SSB and CW version, but the difference is, that:

  • does not compete in the band 1,8 MHz
  • in the Multi-Single category is possible 8 band changes in one hour, as opposed to the 10-minute rule
  • connections with another country are worldwide (not just in North America) rated 2 bodmi
  • the third multiplier is connections to US / VE stations

The current conditions of the CQ WW TTY Contest can be found athttps://cqwwrtty.com/rules.htm

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