CQ WW WPX Contest

The last CQ WW WPX Contest takes place on the last weekend in March. The SSB part takes place on the twenty-ninth and thirtieth of March, which will certainly be attended by several Slovak and Czech stations. For those, who will go it for the first time will definitely be worth an abbreviated translation of the terms of this race:

Connections are established with all stations, whereas only one QSO can be established on one band with one station.
Station, a competitor in the Single Op category can work at most 36 hours of total time, where breaks must be longer than 60 minutes.
In all categories (aj Assisted) is allowed to use DX Cluster.

SSB part – fourth saturday from 00:00 UTC until Sunday in March until 23:59 UTC
CW part – fourth saturday from 00:00 UTC until Sunday in May until 23:59 UTC

1,8 to 28 MHz outside the WARC band.

Mode: SSB (March), CW (May)

SOSB LP – max. 100W out
SOAB LP – max. 100W out
SOSB QRP – max. 5W out
SOAB QRP – max. 5W out
SO Assisted
SO Assisted Low Power – max. 100W out
SO Tribander/Single element (TBWIRES) - any type of triband antenna for higher bands with one power supply from TRX wire antenna to lower bands. Only one tribander for 10-15-20m and single-element antennas can be used in the contest (eg poles) for bands 40, 80 or 160m
ROOKIE – for amateur radio with a concession not older than 3 years to the date of the contest
MULTI-ONE max. One TX signal, only all bands and hight power. It pays 10 min. rule when changing band (except for obtaining a new multiplier)
MULTI-TWO max. Two TX signals, only all bands and hight power
MULTI-MULTI without TX signal limit, only all bands and hight power

The use of DX Cluster is allowed in all categories.

LPDA antennaCompetition code:
RS(T) + serial number QSO from 001.
Stations competing in the Multi-Multi category number the QSOs separately on each band.

QSO with a station outside the EU
– 28/21/14 MHz 3 body
– 7/3,5/1,8 MHz 6 points

QSO with a station on its own continent, but with another DXCC
– 28/21/14 MHz 1 that
– 7/3,5/1,8 MHz 2 body

QSO with own DXCC
– regardless of band 1 that

prefixes 1x per contest regardless of QSO band and time
Example: DL1, N1, P40, P41, VE1 …
F / DF4ZL counts as F0
K1AR / 3 is calculated as K3, etc..

do 1.5. SSB part; do 1.7. CW part format CABRILLO on:
for SSB part: ssb@cqwpx.com
for the CW part: cw@cqwpx.com
Only the brand belongs to the subject of the email! The receipt of the diary will be confirmed by email. For TBWIRES and ROOKIE categories, the Cabrillo header must be modified before sending. Details on: www.cqwpx.com

More information and details at: www.cqwpx.com

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