DX expedition to the Northern Cook Islands E5/N

Following the VP6A RIB DX expedition to Ducie Island, AA7JV and KN4EEI along with HA5YG and HA7RY plan to be active from Penhryn Atoll (Tongreva). That's the North Cook Islands. QRV between 20. in August and 5. September (the date depends on the weather) The team does not yet have a confirmed call sign, but they were promised, that they can pick up their license at Omoka village.

Same as VP6A, this DX expedition will also use RIB (remote in box) with three stations. What RIB (remote in box) you can read them in the article about VP6A. QRV na 160 to 6 m; CW, SSB a FT8.

Although the beginning of the season is in the low bands, they also plan to try to be on 160 a 80 m during most nights.

Northern Cook Islands

Beach on the Cook Islands
Beach on the Cook Islands

The northern Cook Islands are a quiet paradise in the South Pacific Ocean, The South Cook Islands are better known and more accessible, especially the volcanic island of Rarotonga. This landscape combines charming lagoons, white sandy beach and the cultural diversity of its inhabitants.

Each of the islands has its own character and natural beauty. Aitutaki Island attracts visitors with its clear lagoon and coral reefs, which are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

The Northern Cook Islands is also a place, where you can enjoy authentic Polynesian culture and traditions. The residents are proud of their heritage, which manifests itself in music, dances and local festivals.

Little, who seek rest in remote places, beautiful beaches and a glimpse into the culture of the Polynesian people, will find the North Cook Islands an ideal place to relax and explore.

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