IARU HF World Championship 2023

The top competition takes place on the second weekend of July, IARU HF World Championship. For a year 2023 so it's July 8-9. He competes in bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 a 10m fónicky/CW/MIX. It is possible to work in the race without a break, t.j. 24 hours. Abbreviated propositions of the IARU HF World Championship Contest 2023:


Icom IC-9100
Icom IC-9100

Single Op

(one person operates the radio and all other equipment, the use of a DX cluster or similar network is prohibited):

  • fever - QRP, Low a High Power
  • iba CW - QRP, Low a High Power
  • MIX – QRP, Low a High Power

Multi Op

(multiple operators, one transmitter):

  • iba MIX
  • the 10-minute rule applies when changing the mode or band
  • only one transmitted signal at a time, it is not allowed to use the second device as a multiplier workplace

IARU HQ stations

  • one transmitted signal in a given band and mode (160CW, 160FONE, 80CW, 80SSB, etc.)
  • all stations involved in the operation of the HQ station must be located in the same ITU zone

Code exchanged

  • IARU HQ stations broadcast the report and the official abbreviation of the organization. The IARU NU1AW Secretariat Club Station counts as an HQ station. Members of the IARU Administrative Committee and the IARU Regional Executive give the abbreviation AC, resp. R1, R2, R3
  • other stations broadcast the report and the ITU zone number
  • the completely replaced code must be recorded in the log with a valid QSO

Valid connection

  • one station can establish one connection in each mode and band, e.g.. Valid QSOs for 20m CW and 20m SSB
  • competitors are required to comply with local regulations, even in the case of, that they would place them at a disadvantage vis-à-vis other competitors
  • selfspotting is prohibited, as well as arranging connections by any kind of non-radio amateur connection (e.g.. by telephone or the Internet)
Map of Europe, Africa and Asia
Map of Europe, Africa and Asia


  • connection in own ITU zone, as well as the HQ station or an IARU representative is evaluated 1 bodom
  • connection within one ITU zone, but a different continent is evaluated 1 bodom
  • connections within one's own continent, but another ITU zone is being evaluated 3 bodmi
  • connections to another continent and at the same time another ITU zone are being assessed 5 bodmi


  • the total number of ITU zones worked with plus the number of HQ stations from each zone (not fashion). IARU representatives represent four possible multipliers.
  • HQ stations and IARU representatives do not pay as zone multipliers

The result

The total number of points is determined by the multiple of the connection points and the number of multipliers

Diaries from the IARU HF World Championship 2023

The log must be submitted do 7 days from the race. Logs are inserted throughhttp://contest-log-submission.arrl.org/

Attention - originally the IARU HF World Championship had a very strict evaluation, where there were significant point deductions up to elimination from the evaluation. Newly, duplicate connections are just crossed out without point deduction. But it is applied for connections, which do not pass cross-check or contain a mark error. The deduction is of the same point value as the deleted connection. Due to an error in the exchanged code, the deduction is not applied.

The full text of the terms and conditions of the IARU HW World Championshiphttps://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-world-championship

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