KH6J Hawaii

Antennas of the contest station Pupukea KH6YY
Antennas of the contest station Pupukea KH6YY

Alex KH6YY owns and sponsors the Pupukea contest station, which is located on a high ridge above the Waimea Valley on the north shore of the island of Oahu. It is one of the main radio amateur contest stations in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its location in Hawaii provides an excellent propagation path over vast salt water.

They participate year-round in most important competitions with an active team, competing operators from Hawaii, supplemented by operators from the US mainland, Japan and many other countries. In the main competitions, they are trying to maintain their position in the top ten.

For the upcoming CQ WW DX Contest they will be branded KH6J work KH7U, NH7T, AA6AA, KX7M, N6TV a N6TJ. QSL via N6TJ.

KH6J contest station on video

the Hawaiian Islands

the Hawaiian Islands, a green paradise in the middle of the Pacific, they offer a unique experience. Their beautiful beaches with pale sand and turquoise sea attract visitors from all over the world. The Hawaiian culture and Aloha spirit is extremely welcoming and warm. These are the islands, where tradition and modernity dance together – from traditional luaus to world-class surfing. The Hawaiian Islands are also interesting from a geological point of view, with active volcanoes, magical volcanoes and unique nature. The ultimate experience is a visit to the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. The Hawaiian Islands are a place, where nature and culture form a harmonious and beautiful symbiosis.

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