Marconi club QSO Party Day 2024

A great motivation for this event is the first prize in the form of a telegraph key of the Italian brand BEGALI. On Saturday, January 6 2024 organized by A.R.I Loano for the sixth time QSO Party Day. The aim is to give MARCONI CLUB A.R.I. LOANO to the awareness of new generations and connect everyone, who really like telegraphy. MARCONI CLUB A.R.I. LOANO founded 8. may 1988 Libero
Noon I1YXN, strongly motivated by the famous DX dispatcher Baldur DJ6SI.



Telegraphic message OK1TN
Telegraphic message OK1TN


from 07:00 UTC – 21:00 UTC


20m – 40m – 80m

Code exchanged

All stations will call “CQ MCD”

  • Člen MARCONI CLUB A.R.I. Loano broadcasts RST, which will be followed by the membership number in three-digit format (599 MC123)
  • Non-members will only connect with registered HAM in Marconi CLUB A.R.I. Loano and submit the RST report + serial number (599 001). Non-member stations of the station can connect to each other.

LPDA antennaBody

  • 5 points for each QSO with members of the MARCONI CLUB A.R.I. Loano
  • 1 point for each QSO made with non-club members

It is possible to work with each station once on each band. The total score will be the sum of the points for the QSO multiplied by the total of the multipliers. A station of a non-member of the club can establish a connection with any station.


Members of MARCONI CLUB A.R.I.


The record must contain: date, UTC, badge, zone, mode, member's club number

In case, that some of this data will be missing. the log will be classified as CHECKLOG. Logos must be exclusively in CABRILLO format, other format will not be accepted. Logs must be sent by e-mail to marconiclub(zav) do 13.1.2024.


It is strongly recommended to use the following recording software: • Improved contest mode support with integrated CAT display, N1MM a DXLOG; all these softwares support MCD Contest and generate logs according to the requirements.

Contest so SunSDR2
Contest so SunSDR2

The order

In case of a tie, the station with more QSOs in the log will be considered the winner. An excessive number of unverified QSOs will result in a disqualification penalty.

Any decision of the secretary and competition manager of the event organizer MARCONI CLUB are final.


Member of the MC MARCONI CLUB category – Begali CW Keys offered by BEGALI Factory – t-shirt with MARCONI CLUB embroidery – personalized cap with MARCONI CLUB embroidery

Category of non-members of the club: – personalized metal plaque – t-shirt with personal MARCONI CLUB embroidery – personalized cap with MARCONI CLUB embroidery


All participants will be able to download a certificate of participation in PDF format.

Permanent diploma

All connections with MARCONI CLUB ARI Loano members are valid for awarding “AWARD MARCONISTA”. Rules and an updated list of members can be found on the website:

Connection example

answering station: IK1QBT of IU1XXXK

calling station: IU1XXX of IK1QBT 599 Marconi Club no. 260 K

answering station: IK1QBT of IU1XXX 599 001


We hope, that we will hear from you soon!

73 de IK1TTD Gianpi

Contest Manager Marconi Club A.R.I.Loano

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