OM HAM of the Year 2004

Hi, do sutaze o amatera roka 2004 I would like to suggest to you, who died prematurely this year See Just OM3TA. Spring, as a long-time radio amateur, raised dozens, if not hundreds of radio amateurs in the courses of young operators. He took part in many expeditions and always had in mind the good and future of radio sports.. That's why I'm sending him a voice. At the same time, I have to cast votes for my children. Son, Marek om3-0148 was preparing in the course 2003 (there is no age for a normal concession) and daughter Jana om3-0202 so impressed, from another course last year, she also graduated without Jara. YOU 73 for higher bands

I would suggest for this award See Just OM3TA SK. Jaro deserved to educate a number of young radio amateurs, he was the organizer and suffocate of many radio amateur events and I think that at least this is his honor, even though he was already in memory.

73 Stevo, OM3RG


I would speak for Jara Justa. I'm sure someone suggested it – I am sure. Spring has dedicated its life to young people and I have it connected with radio amateur courses. I obtained my license at such a course twelve years ago – I had a paternity then. Unfortunately, spring is no longer with us, but I am convinced that he deserves this label…

All the best until the end of the year.

Rado om2zz clen om3kii

Personally, I had three more candidates - Risha OM2TW, Mira OM3CKU and Tibor OM3RM. Rišo was the first OM radio amateur at 136kHz, while its successes so far attract attention not only in Slovakia. In addition, he does a lot of work on VHF. Miro is actively involved in youth and his technical articles have been very inventive for years. Tibor can be described as a contestman, which certainly belongs at least among the top in Europe.

Decision making, who will receive the title of OM HAM of the year 2004 however, they clearly identified the proposals just received. I want to thank Mir OM3CKA, Štev OM3RG and Council OM2ZZ for that, that they were not lazy and wrote. I'm sorry, though, that there were no more suggestions. How to explain it? That there were no radio amateurs in Slovakia, who deserve such an award?

Ladies and gentlemen, OM HAM-om roka 2004 it happens

Grad.. Ing. Jaroslav Just OM3TA, SK

However, I considered, what award would be most appropriate. In the end, I decided to make a financial contribution to “Summer camp for young radio amateurs 2005”.

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