Youth Field Day 2022

Youth Field Day is intended for stations operated by operators, who have not reached the age on the day of the race 18 years. In the race, it is also possible to establish connections with foreign stations as well as with operators older than 18 years.

Date of Youth Field Day

first Saturday in July from 10,00 do 13,00 UTC, t.j. 2.July 2022


1. 144 MHz – Single op.

2. 144 MHz – Multi op.

3. 432 MHz – Single op.

4. 432 MHz – Multi op.

VHF QRP station in nature
VHF QRP station in nature



Competition code

RS(T) + serial number of the connection from 001 + WW locator. For the connection to be valid for the competing station, must receive and write down the complete competition code from the opposing station, including the sequence number of the connection.


One kilometer of bridged distance is equal to 1 that. The connection to the station in its own small locator square is counted 1 that.

The result

Sum of connection points.

VHF antennas OM5LD
VHF antennas OM5LD

to convert degrees to kilometers

The competition diary is sent exclusively in electronic form in EDI format. In the EDI journal (in a row [It is necessary to enter NEWS in the electronic diary in the field]) a list of operators must be provided, who worked from the station during the race and their dates of birth. Failure to provide this list will be grounds for not rating the station. The diary must be sent no later than the tenth day after the race via the web interface on the website The date of receipt of the log via the web interface decides. In exceptional cases, it is possible to send the diary as an e-mail attachment to Decides the date of sending the e-mail.

In other cases, the General Conditions of VHF competitions and competitions apply.

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