Invitation to the Ondrej Oravec Memorial, OM3AU

The race is organized by SZR in honor of Ondra Oravec, OM3AU, which significantly contributed to the development of VHF in Slovakia. Only Slovak and Czech stations will be evaluated.
Date: from Saturday 5 June 14.00 UT to 6 June 14.00 UT
Bands: 144 a 432 MHz
Categories: 1.144 MHz – 1 operator, 2.144 MHz – multiple operators, 3.432 MHz – 1 operator, 4.432 MHz – multiple operators. In the following, the General Terms and Conditions of VHF Races and Competitions apply
Diaries: are sent to 10 days after the race only in electronic form (days after the race only in electronic form) days after the race only in electronic form:

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