Preliminary ranking of the CQ WW CW Contest 2021

He finished a few days ago CQ WW CW Contest 2021 and the organizers have already prepared a preliminary ranking. Many OK / OM radio amateurs take part in it, many also achieve TOP10 results in the world. They are: OK7CM so 476,784 bodmi v QRP All Bands, OK1LV (C) for 22,320 v QRP 15 Meters, CS2C so 782,624 bodmi (on.OK1RF) v Single-Op High 20 Meters, OK6W 1,053,602 (on.OK1MU) Single-Op High 40 Meters. Category QRP 40 Meters even has two representatives, OK6OK s 29,049 bodmi a OK2HIJ s 25,536 bodmi. V Single-Op High 80 Meters OK1DTP gained as OK5D 246,312 points. The second in the world in QRP 80 meters you OK1FKD(C) so 17,976 bodmi. He made up to ten in the world as well OK1CZ(C) so 34,965 points in Single-Op Low 160 Meters. Assisted categories are also popular, where to find OL9Z so 940,632 bodmi (on.OK2PVF) v Assisted High 20 Meters a OL3R so 326,975 bodmi (on. OK1VWK) v Assisted Low 20 Meters. V Assisted Low 40 meters you OL9R so 651,750 bodmi (on.OK6RA) in the preliminary first place! V Assisted QRP 40 Meters scored OK2AP so 52,528 bodmi. Second places are occupied OL7R s 594,594 bodmi (on.OK3RM) v Assisted High 80 Meters a OL4W s 125,034 bodmi (on.OK1IF) v Assisted QRP 80 Meters. Assisted Low 160 Meters is represented OK6Y s 73,840 bodmi (on.OK2PTZ). He declares a great result in Assisted QRP 160 Meters OL1A, where OK1CW so 61,620 is tentatively first. V ROOKIE Low Power je OK5MAX s 663,282 third provisional points.

CW pastiche RA1AOM
CW pastiche RA1AOM

Do TOP10 CQ WW CW Contest-u 2021 v Single-Op High 40 Meters fit OM5WW s 926,385 points in Single-Op High 40 Meters. One band next to it, v Single-Op Low 80 Meters can be found OM3ZWA so 114,706 bodmi, a 67,320 points OM5NL to preliminary second place in Single-Op Low 160 Meters. OM8CW so 633,581 points is in Assisted High 15 Meters seventh so far. OM3TZZ achieved 293,300 points, which is the sixth place in Assisted Low 40 Meters. Kategória Assisted High 80 Meters has two Slovak representatives, OM0M so 567,490 bodmi (on.OM3CGN) a OM6NM so 516,087 bodmi. Assisted High category 160 Meters will probably decide the mistakes as well, because the distances are small. So far, the sixth place can be seen here OM2XW s 204,323 bodmi. The team also spoke to the world rankings OM7M v Multi-Single High, where I am 14,654,068 points places in seventh place.


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