Es propagation of DM3MAT

Es propagation of DM3MAT, Es propagation of DM3MAT… Yes, Es propagation of DM3MAT, so-called. Es propagation of DM3MAT. Each, Es propagation of DM3MAT, that it is also the Christmas of a radio amateur. Nobody knows exactly when these amateur radio holidays will come. DM3MAT created an online forecast for JO62 in the 10m and 6m bands. It is based on live WSPR spots on these bands. The prediction algorithm attempts to estimate the lower bound of the critical frequency in Europe derived from the WSPR points. A simple model is used for time evolution, so-called. tide and wind. This model is not able to predict the occurrence of Es events in advance, but it will give information about extraordinary propagation conditions. The web address is

Example of Es spreading on 6m

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