QUANSHENG UV-K5 reception comparison

It depends on the reception from the firmware? Pal OM0ET took the popular QUANSHENG UV-K5 handheld station to the show and made a comparison of the reception:

  • firmware IJV v.2.3R5
  • firmware EGZUMER v.0.21
  • FAGCI firmware 1.1.2 Lite Test

1.7 3 voices
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1 a month ago

first of all sorry to bother you, but I spent 5 days trying to find answer to my problem but nothing.
I bought a new Quansheng UV 5R plus and I have Baofeng programing cable (from my 2 Baofeng UV 5R) and after I backup 2 file config & calibration I try to insert new firmware , then my radio die.
Strange is then sometime he broke on 5% sometimes on 15% max I get is 62% and stop.
Since I’m desperate I find file boot_”v4.00.01.bin” also bootloader.bin and this two files pass 100%, strange.
Any help, tips from your side is it chance to save my radio.


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