RF-Kit amplifier RF2K-S for short waves

RF-Kit DH3NAB, a lesser-known company in our market, has innovated their short-wave amplifier kit with two LDMOSFETs., B26-PA RF2K-S. It is not a completely classic kit and the amplifier is delivered almost as a finished device. Raspberry® Pi will need to be added 4 – 2GB and power cord. Everything else, including coaxial patch cord, USB cables or microSD cards are included.

Since the output stage also has a LAN port, which allows remote station operation, so any software upgrade is possible remotely.

Main features of RF-Kit amplifier RF2K-S

RF-Kit amplifier RF2K-S rear panel
RF-Kit amplifier RF2K-S rear panel
  • Frequency range: 1.8-30 MHz a 50-54.2 MHz
  • Output power: 1500 W a 6m: 1100 W
  • Excitation power level: 55 W on all bands ( US version )
  • Efficiency: until 70% by band
  • TX / RX switching: <2mS PIN diodes
  • Internal automatic antenna tuner ( unlimited memory )
  • 1x TRX a 4x antenna
  • excellent signal quality
  • very quiet operation with temperature-controlled fans
  • two LDMOS transistors capable of operating in power 3400 Watts
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • display for multiple operators and settings
  • -55 dB output for pre-distortion correction
  • car RF Sens Band Selection system for switching to the operating band
  • YAESU® Band Data interface
  • YAESU BCD band DATA output for other devices
  • CAT connectivity via USB
  • CAT over IP ( UDP )
  • LAN connectivity (full remote station support)
  • Wi-Fi konektivita ( guest or client mode )
  • silent internal PSU 90-290 VAC
  • 800W power output 110 VAC; full power output 230 VAC
  • power measurement from 1 In after 3 KW
  • software update cez internet
  • full remote control via internet via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • supported Apple® IOS platforms, Android®, Linux to MS Windows®
  • FCC approval for US kit
  • switching on with voltage supply + 12V
  • dimensions hxwxd: 7,4 x 12,2 x 16,7 inches / 19 x 31 x 42,5 cm
  • weight: 35,2 lbs / 16 kg

The price in the US market is hovering around $4,500.00. More information at https://rf-kit.de/index.php