SDR Console V3.2

Simon G4ELI published a new version SDR Console. As part of the ongoing project, part of the code was rewritten with a highly optimized assembler (machine code). The goal is to reduce the load on the processor when processing large bandwidth. Another improvement is display adjustment.

Another improvement to the SDR Console


  • increased output power:
  • correct setting of the analog TX filter as a low-pass filter
  • added TX filter slider in the Radio panel
  • added Pluto identification information, which will be useful in the future. Shows the hardware revision, firmware version, version of the library


  • added another thread to process, important for some weaker processors at 128Msps
  • Added ADC calibration
  • bufixy
  • fixed waterfall scrolling
  • fixed rendering bug, when the panels are docked together and float in the window miniframe


  • continuum now has more smoothing options
  • satellite view
  • the number of passes shown can now be customized


  • optional date display in Clock waterfall view
  • when displaying a waterfall with default or empty values, the currently used color was indeterminate. With this fix, the color is now black, unless actual data is available


In the drop-down list, in which you select the audio device, item is located “Track changes to the default audio device”. If the default Windows device is changed and the default for playback is selected in the SDR console, a new Windows selection will automatically open.

D waterfall

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