TT8RR, TT8XX (FT8) a TT8TT (SAT) – Chad

From today or tomorrow, 17.April, there will be an active DX expedition from the capital of Chad, N'Djamena, until the end of the QRV month TT8RR. For FT8 operation they will work as TT8XX a na satelite QO-100 how TT8TT. Six Italian operators plan to have four stations on the air from 80 po 6m + QO-100 (locator JK72nb).

Operation will start with FT8 mode in FOX mode. Other modes will be operated subsequently. If the internet connection allows it, online log will be on QSL direct to I2YSB.


Map of Chad
Map of Chad

Chad, officially the Republic of Chad, is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It borders Nigeria, Cameroon, Nigerom, Libya, Central African Republic, Sudan and Ivory Coast. Chad is home to various ethnic groups and cultures, which are manifested in its diverse society and cultural traditions. Geographically, it is rich in desert areas in the north, savannas in the center and tropical rainforests in the south. The country has vast natural resources, including oil and gold, which play an important role in its economy. Chad has a rich history, which is associated with the ivory trade and trans-Saharan trade routes. Despite its natural and human resources, the country faces challenges such as poverty, lack of infrastructure and ethnic conflicts. The government strives for stability and economic development through investments in infrastructure and various social programs.

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