The OK2KKW website is back

After stopping operation of our website after midnight on March 24th (as at the moment probably the only possible reaction to a pointless attack on their authors) members of the OK2KKW radio club consulted and decided to support their reopening. Just you, who similar websites, also more or less updated daily, also operate, they can imagine the lot of work involved.

Why the OK2KKW website returns to the public after a ten-day hiatus? Because by stopping them, we would only help spread the unfortunate atmosphere of self-censorship, so nice to those, who do not wish to be under public control. Is evident, that it will again provoke the hateful reactions of those, who hoped, that our independent voice has been definitively silenced. I would not even rule out an attempt to organize a petition, which would try to publicly condemn our actions. Public disgrace for that, that we asked questions, related to the amateur radio operation and its organization. If the Czech amateur radio community is in the state, when considered normal, when the plant evaluator on request, to explain the incorrect evaluation of the race, instead of explaining the mistake, he calls these questions annoying and even by manipulating public opinion he gets the support of several hams, it's really sad. Especially surprised, how some of those behaved, which we have thought so far, that they can be considered unencumbered by the Swarmar spirit. Not, not left, than you can remember. However, Fortunately, there are still others among us, mentally mature, democratically and free-thinking people, who do not share their hatred. And they would not deserve to stop this modest source of information.

Map of Europe
Map of Europe

So we have nothing to be ashamed of. Although some of our opponents still burn personal resentment, we have no personal negative attitude towards anyone on our side. We can regret some of our opponents as much as possible. It needs to be emphasized, that we have nothing personal even against OK1CDJ, nor against OK2ZI, or other people. They did a lot of work for the amateur radio operation on VHF, and they undoubtedly deserve thanks for that. We don't even have anything against OK1DOZ, even though he, with his completely inappropriate and stupid behavior, started the whole crisis in the OK VHF community. On the other hand, we are still fully convinced, that is incorrect, to collect competition diaries from VHF competitions in OK and OM (and even throughout Europe) before their evaluation, a member of the top competition team administered, who aspires to win these races. No matter, whether the information thus available has been misused, or not, we consider such a connection to be socially unacceptable. If the administrator in question would like to, surely it would be possible to run these diaries that way, so that such inconveniences are completely ruled out. It would undoubtedly benefit Hamspirit in OK and OM quite significantly.

Nevertheless, we must apologize. Especially those, who voted for maintaining their operation, but also another Czech one, Slovak and many foreign radio amateurs, in short, to all of them, who visited these sites repeatedly and suddenly their source of information dried up.

The OK2KKW website is here again. We hope so, that permanently. If I could no longer administer them in the future, hopefully they will be found in time, who will be able to continue this work.

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