Yaesu FT-710 TCVR

We're getting used to it, that manufacturers announce news in advance. This is how the Icom IC-9700, for example, was waited for many months. Yaesu has also jumped on this train and is announcing the KV+6m TCVR Yaesu FT-710 in the fall. It will be a compact 4.5-kilogram short-wave TCVR Yaesu, who inherited the technology SDR z FT-DX101 a FT-DX10.

KV + 6m TCVR Yaesu FT-710

FT-710 AESS (Acoustic Enhanced Speaker System) offers 100W transmission power (adjustable from 5 do 100 W). The KV input of the receiver builds on the experience of the large transceivers FT-DX101 and FT-DX10 and works with SDR technology. A series of bandpass filters for amateur radio bands filters out unwanted out-of-band signals. HRDDS on 250 MHz allows simultaneous reception of several signals.

Large color display and comfortable control

The large 4.3 greatly simplifies operation″ color display, as with its big siblings, a mouse and/or keyboard can be connected for easier control. Clearly visible LEDs on the side next to the large VFO button display the relevant operating status ( VFO-A, VFO-B, memory, Clarifier/Split) The "Preset" function helps to set all parameters for the operation of the FT-8 super quickly and optimally.

Built-in antenna tuner

The built-in antenna tuner adjusts antennas in a flash, which are not perfectly tuned. If an external tuner is required, The FT-710 offers the option of connecting a Yaesu FC-40 tuner.


To improve integration into the radio station, the FT-710 offers the option of connecting an external screen (DVI-D). In addition to two USB ports (1x typ A, 1x typ B) there is also a connection for control over the network. The SD memory card remembers all the settings, the contents of the memory and also records the QSO by pressing the button. Hard updates are also done very conveniently and securely via SD card.

Price Yaesu FT-710

The price in advance is 999,00 € and it is expected to go on sale in the fall 2022.

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