Domov Diskusné Fóra CQ HAM fórum Iné LOTW Re:LOTW

#13787 Odpoveď


No tak to je teraz expresne. Rano dosiel jeden e/m o prijati ziadosti a este vecer dorazil e/m so suborom .tq6 a prihlasovacie udaje na stranku arrl plus navod na instalaciu. Este poslat ofotene doklady a cakat na dalsie prihlasovacie udaje. Tak sa to asi podari skoro vybavit. Snad toto niekomu pomoze.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This certificate requires
TrustedQSL Version 1.13 or later. Attempting to install
it using an earlier version of the TrustedQSL software
will result in errors. The latest TrustedQSL software can
be obtained at:
Here is your LoTW certificate for OM7YC
You may be able to install this certificate by double-
clicking on the attachment icon. If that isn’t possible or
doesn’t work, save the attached file to disk and then
use the TQSLCert program’s “Load Certificate File” menu
command to install this certificate into your system.

NOTE: If the attachment failed to arrive with this message,
you can just log on to the Web site noted below using the
provided username and password and download the certificate
file directly.

Records submitted using this certificate can be accessed on
the Web using:
username: xxxxx
password: xxxxxx
NOTE! This is NOT the same password the TQSL program asks for when you’re signing a file!