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V stredu 17.augusta 2011 André bude vysielať z lokality IN93HA:

Hello WFF men

The 17/08/2011 at UTC 0700 I’ll be on SOTA EA2/NV-057

At the end of SOTA, I’ll be on FFF-268 at UTC 1000 +/-30mn. Locator IN93ha
I’ll stay on zone all day long.

QRG : 14.044 CW, 18.084 CW, 21.044 CW, 24.906 CW, 28.044 CW, 10.124 CW, 7.028 CW+/- qrm
IC-706 – 100w – INVVEE.

I hope we’ll meet.
You can see my position via APRS.FI=F5UKL

Best 73/44

Andre – f5ukl