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Horúca správa od Andrého, F5UKL o dnešnej aktivite zo Španielska:

Hello WFF men

I’ll be on EAFF-037 Poset-Maladeta -Pic Aneto, the 23/08/2011 at UTC 0800 +/- 60mn. ETA not sure. Locator:JN02hp

Don’t be in a hurry. Try to hear my answer. I always send your call at the of qso to avoid the mistakes.
Thanks for your understanding.

You can follow my track on http://WWW.APRS.FI=f5ukl and
qrg used and “SpotGateway”

I’ll start on 20m

QRG : 14.061 CW, 10.122 CW,7.031 CW +/- qrm

Rig : KX1 – 4w – Vert ATX 1080 -Battery 1.5Ah

I hope we’ll meet.

Best 73/44

Andre – f5ukl

My callsign will be EA/F5UKL/P from EAFF-037 zone.
Best 73/44
Andre – f5ukl